At bus rental the driver’s working time (within 24 hours) is 13 hours, which can be lengthened for 15 hours if the driver takes a rest period for 3 consecutive hours. Working time also includes the period that the driver does not spend with driving, but he is at your disposal.

Daily driving period shall not exceed 9 hours at road passenger transport. Twice a week it can be extended to 10 hours. Breaks of at least 45 minutes should be taken after 4.5 hours.
If the driver drives less than 4.5 hours it is not obligatory to take a break of 45 minutes, it can be split up to 15 minutes followed by 30 minutes.

Driver’s daily rest period should be at least 11 hours. The driver must be accomodated. Daily rest can be split into 3 hours rest followed by 9 consecutive hours rest.

If the lessee’s individual programme does not allow to keep the driver’s working time and rest break the lessee must order two drivers. In pursuance of requirements two drivers can drive 20 hours continuously (alternately), then they must take 9 consecutive hours of rest in accomodation.

Our drivers retain full responsibility for passengers at bus rental so they must comply with traffic rules to ensure your safety and avoid penalties.

If you rent a bus/coach for more days (e.g. for a trip) you, as the client bear the expenses of the driver’s accomodation.

All our rental buses are equipped with safety belts. We also provide safe transport of children as every seat has its own safety belt, thus it is possible to install child seats safely.

In case of unexpected failure or accident we still guarantee reaching your destination as we start troubleshooting right on the spot. If the technical problem is not repairable on the spot we immediately start a new bus for you. If we do not have a bus in reserve one of our partners provide a bus for you.

Your costs will not change, we will stick to the agreement made before the journey.

If you decide to travel by bus you only have to pay the expenses of one vehicle. The whole company travels together, thus they can have fun and establish a cheerful atmosphere. For this reason travelling is a team-building and collective experience. We take the burden off your shoulders so you do not have to drive, you can lean back, take pleasure in the scenery, watch a DVD film or just sleep. By common assent we carry you from house to house. If the given address is not approachable by bus drivers will stop at the nearest place preferred.